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44mm Apple Watch Nano Optics Tempered Glass


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44mm Apple Watch Nano Optics Tempered Glass

The 44mm Apple Watch Nano Optics Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the best option when it comes to protecting your watch screen.

Read the steps below or watch the video below on how to install the Screen Protector, it’s the same concept as the Nono Optics Phone Tempered Screen Protectors.

These screen protectors are believer to increase the strength of your screen by x10.

The 6 Steps to Install these are:

Step 1 – Prepare

Clean the screen using the provided Alcohol Prep Wipe

Step 2 – Dry

Dry the screen with the provided cloth.

Step 3 – Dust

Use the dust remover provided to remove any additional dust on the screen.

Step 4 – Glue

Apply the provided UV Glue

Step 5 – Install

Fit your Tempered glass over the phone

Step 6 – Cure

Cure the UV Glue with the provided UV Light (just use the charging cable you use to charge the phone to power is up).


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